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Sunny began his fascination in crypto by entering the space in 2017. He has been working at a fast-paced digital marketing agency for the last 6 years, specialising in designing websites, delivering high-impact ROI for clients and adding inherent value to multiple multi-million-dollar brands. All of this knowledge has moved seamlessly over to crypto, with social media reach and growth being his forte. Being on the advisory board for multiple NFTs projects has allowed Sunny to share his knowledge in a variety of environments, and helping brands gain organic and engaging followings from the ground up.  
Throughout this time, he has Co-founded an innovative Google visibility and conversion rate optimisation agency called ThinkGrow®, which focuses on sustainable marketing. Its mission is to reduce the impact on our planet and the footprint we leave for future generations, which we believe will also become a much larger issue in the crypto space in the years and decades to come.  

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